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Vitamin D Test

Vitamin D Test

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A low level of Vitamin D is linked to various health risks. Vitamin D Test is an at-home blood test that will provide health insights by measuring your level of vitamin D. Results include a personalized health plan.

Who should take this test:

✓ Lack daily sun exposure or reside in a northern latitude
✓ Do not obtain sufficient vitamin D
✓ Adhere to a strict vegan diet
✓ Possess darker-pigmented skin
✓ Experience challenges with small intestine absorption or kidney function
✓ An athlete
✓ An overweight or obese
✓ An elderly

What the test measures:

Vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin, acquired through certain foods, supplements, or synthesized in our bodies upon sun exposure. It plays a crucial role in supporting bone health, immune function, heart health, mood, brain function, and metabolic well-being.

How the test works:

Step 1: Order (Order and we will ship kit and all contents needed directly to you)
Step 2: Collect samples & send back (Collect samples from the comfort of your home. Use the self addressed envelope and shipping label included to send back)
Step 3: Receive Results & Recommendations (Sample will be reviewed and processed by ZRTLab. You will receive results within 7-10 days along with personalized recommendations based on results)

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