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Sleep Test

Sleep Test

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Discover why you’re having trouble sleeping. Sleep Test an at-home saliva test that tracks hormone fluctuations that regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Results include a personalized health plan.

Who should take this test:

✓ Struggle with falling asleep
✓ Wake up during the night
✓ Wake up too early
✓ Don't feel rested after sleeping
✓ Feel tired yet wired
✓ encounter a mid-day energy dip

What the test measures:

Melatonin - the level of melatonin directly influences your sleep cycle by promoting sleep onset and extending sleep duration.

Cortisol, released by the adrenal glands, serves as the principal stress hormone. It plays a crucial role in managing the body's short-term and long-term reactions to stress. Maintaining a healthy cortisol level is essential for regulating energy, mood, focus, and immune response.

How the test works:

Step 1: Order (Order and we will ship kit and all contents needed directly to you)
Step 2: Collect samples & send back (Collect samples from the comfort of your home. Use the self addressed envelope and shipping label included to send back)
Step 3: Receive Results & Recommendations (Sample will be reviewed and processed by ZRTLab. You will receive results within 7-10 days along with personalized recommendations based on results)

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